Friday, February 5, 2010

Bread making

Making whole grain breads has always been a challenge for me. Recently I picked up Peter Reinhart's book on the topic and decided to try again. Using only Bluebird Grain Farms whole wheat flour, I came up with a pretty acceptable loaf and some good rolls too.

Reinhart says it's best to weigh all ingredients.
everything should be weighed

This is called a soaker. It was made last night.

This is the wild yeast starter, also made last night and incorporating a starter that took most of a week to get started using only wild yeasts.
wild yeast starter

Here the two batches are chunked up to go into the mixer.
dough chunks

I like my Kitchenaid mixer.
kneading with a dough hook

Here is the dough after the first knead, resting for five minutes.
after the first knead

And here it is after just another minute or two of hand kneading.
after the second knead

Ready for the first rise.
ready to rise

And after the first rise.
first rise

In the pans.
in the pan

Ready to bake. It probably rose just a little too much.
ready to bake

And the rolls ready to bake.
rolls ready to bake

Fresh rolls for dinner!

Well, there were six........
rolls minus one

And the finished loaf!
finished loaf

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Cheryl Morris said...

Fun photo documentary! Now you need to start a food blog (another one of my favorite time wasters-perusing food blogs).