Friday, September 3, 2010

Some Wildlife I have seen in the last week

A cricket, perhaps a Mormon Cricket or something closely related. These were at Chelan Ridge
Big Bugs, maybe crickets?

Big Bugs, maybe mormon crickets?

Dusky Grouse observed at Chelan Ridge

A slow Racer that Ken was able to catch on a cool afternoon

Red-necked Phalarope at Deadhorse Lake
Red-necked Phalarope

Black Swift, also at Deadhorse Lake. There were MANY of them
Black Swift

Chinook Salmon spawning in the Methow near the Suspension Bridge on the Community Trail
Chinook Salmon spawning in the Methow

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Gina said...

Hey Teri - I think the insect is one I saw for the 1st time this year: a great grig (Cyphoderris monstrosa). Or something close. The entomology students I was with called ours a humpbacked grig, which struck me as something Tolkien might have come up with...